Nadim Salloum

Web Developer

About Me

I'm a young and passionate developer with a main focus on web developement. I love doing projects on the side, if I ever get the time for that.

My Past

  • July 2017

    I am working part time at Sensational AG next to my studies.

  • Sept. 2016

    I am currently working on my Bachelor's degree in Computer Science at the FHNW in Brugg/Windisch. On the side I am also working in IT Support for private clients.

  • March 2016
    August 2016

    The obligatory military service in Switzerland I spent as a tank driver all over Switzerland. It was a fun time and a welcome change to my desk job.

  • Sept. 2015
    March 2016

    Directly after the internship, I was able to stay at the same company. As a web dev, I had a lot of freedom to implement my own ideas and solutions.

  • July 2014
    Sept. 2015

    In my internship I learnt all my necessary web skills. It helped me understand a lot about the different parts of a web-application

  • August 2011
    June 2014

    The IMS an apprenticeship as an application developer, but with a heavier focus on economic subjects.

  • August 2007
    June 2011

  • August 2002
    June 2007


My skills are mostly relevant to web development. My PHP Framework of choice is laravel, as it allows for clean and object oriented web applications.
I am currently studying Computer Science, so my knowledge is vastly improving every day.

Programming Languages

  • PHP 3 years
  • Java 1 year
  • Haskell 1/2 year

other important skills

  • SQL 2 years
  • HTML 3 years
  • CSS 3 years
  • laravel 2 years
  • Photoshop 1 year

Tools I use

  • Visual Studio Code For basic text editing needs
  • Jetbrain IDEs IDEs for various programming
  • Git Version Control System
  • Cmder Better Command Line
  • PuTTy SSH to Remote Server
  • HeidiSQL GUI Database Client


I have been working on various private projects in my free time. During my time as a web developer at BlueMouse GmbH, I had the chance to create different types of websites, such as online shops, admin tools and many more.
Check out my github for more projects.

A complete custom made online shop I developed while working at BlueMouse GmbH.
I created all of the backend, implemented the payment methods with credit card and also worked on the frontend.

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Invoice Tool

The Invoice Tool is a web application I worked on at BlueMouse GmbH.
At it's core it's a CRUD application for Invoices, but there's many more features.
It will automatically create and send invoices via email, and it will also track incoming payments and mark those invoices as paid.
It can also send payment reminders to clients, so it's a well working automatic invoice system.
Currently in use at BlueMouse GmbH (closed source)

Contact me

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Nadim Salloum